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People are embracing the concept of "going green" and researching information regarding the ways that greener living can have a constructive impact on our lives and our environment. Lots of interesting, accessible information on "green thinking, environmentalism and sustainable living" is readily available. As more of us become "greener minded", we are creating a culture of environmental responsibility through the power of positive progressive change. Everything from clean energy to organic food has a residual effect on the quality of life for all of us, and small changes in individual habits and lifestyles can add up to have a significant impact on our health and the world around us.

Sustainable living has been at the forefront of the news media for some time, and it's easy to become slightly overwhelmed by all the hype. Being environmentally responsible is about more than recycling the daily paper or conserving water. While every little step matters, there are many additional ways that you can create positive change in your everyday life. "Green" or "eco-friendly" can encompass a myriad of products and services, from the food you eat to the place you live. You can improve your overall quality of life in ways you may never have considered before.

Our stunning Lowcountry region encompasses a treasure trove of the nation's most distinctive natural resources. From Hilton Head Island and Bluffton, to historic Beaufort and Charleston, this section of the coastal southeastern United States is rich in natural beauty. Individuals are drawn en masse to this region by the gentle tides, the coastal rivers and the abundance of centuries-old live oaks. When we are surrounded by such vitality and natural beauty it serves as a constant reminder of the importance of sustaining this remarkable environment. By mitigating our carbon footprint and making small changes in our everyday lifestyles, together we can have an enormous positive impact on our health and we can ensure that the beauty of the Lowcountry is preserved and protected for future generations.

Lowcountry residents in search of greener, healthier lifestyle alternatives will find resources and tips on this website. Here, we provide you with sources for local products and service providers that have embraced an environmentally responsible business philosophy. We'll give you how-tos for shopping organic, saving energy and building green. We'll show you where to turn for eco-friendly products and suppliers and we'll show you about sustainable solutions for everyday living.

Some of the greatest threats to our future are the result of poor decisions we may make everyday. The good news is that by changing our habits and the way we think, we all wield the power to have a significant and positive impact that can literally change the world.

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